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Storytelling Boot Camp!



FEBRUARY 20- MARCH 31, 2017

Do you want to write engaging essays and page-turning short stories? Are you working on a novel or typing away at your memoir? If you’d like to improve your storytelling skills and become a stronger more confident writer, then Storytelling Boot Camp is for you! 

"Storytelling Boot Camp is a great place to train as a writer. Lisa and Windy are very knowledgeable and thoughtful trainers as they take you week-by-week through the fundamentals of story telling.  Along with weekly lessons and daily assignments, the course offers useful links to articles on the craft of writing as well as the opportunity to chat with your fellow writers." -Tim Miller

Storytelling Boot Camp is a six-week writing instruction class taught by authors Lisa Fugard (21 Days to Awaken the Writer Within) and Windy Lynn Harris (Write it Short: How to Craft and Sell Short Stories and Personal Essays, forthcoming from Writers Digest Books). Storytelling Boot Camp covers these six topics: CharacterPoint-of-ViewSettingDialoguePlot, and Theme. PLUS you’ll have the chance to participate in a live Boot Camp discussion on the topic of writing strong scenes.

"Windy and Lisa guided me through easy to manage steps to create stories that I didn't know existed. The fun, interactive Facebook group was a daily delight to get the creative juices flowing. Members and teachers offered wisdom, great feedback and material that reinforced and inspired. I recommend the Storytelling Boot Camp for both seasoned and novice writers. It will get your thoughts into the page!" -Jennifer Clark

How it works:

Lisa and Windy guide you through six weeks of intensive storytelling practice by emailing you a lesson packet each Monday morning. Your lesson packet includes a focus topic (Character, Setting, etc), links to further resources, and a homework assignment. On Monday and Wednesday, you can explore the week’s topic further through a short prompt posted on the private Facebook page. Friday is “discussion day” at the Storytelling Boot Camp, where you’re invited to ask questions and enjoy some relaxing time online with the group. About half-way through the lessons, there will be a fun and interactive group phone call that includes a 30-minute lesson on writing strong scenes. By participating in Storytelling Boot Camp you’ll get:

1) Convenience. Class lessons are sent to you by email so that you can work through the material on your schedule. The Strong Scenes discussion class will be recorded and emailed to any student who can’t attend the live phone call.

2)  Community. You’re part of something special during Storytelling Boot Camp. Meet writers from around the country (and beyond) who are on a creative path with you. This is a great place to find critique partners, a support network, and lifelong friends.

3)  Accountability. You will write and write and write some more during the six weeks of Storytelling Boot Camp. By the end of your session you will have several stories and story-starts on your desk, along with a strong and healthy new writing pace. 

4)  Value. Storytelling Boot Camp covers six important storytelling skills AND a live discussion about scene writing, plus you’ll receive detailed feedback on all six of your homework assignments. One of the fastest ways to grow as a writer is to learn what you’re doing well and what needs improvement. Let Lisa and Windy help you achieve your best writing ever!

About that homework: 

Each week you’ll be asked to complete a 750 word writing assignment. Each homework prompt has been specifically designed to advance your knowledge of that week’s storytelling skill. Your weekly feedback will be focused on your execution of that skill too, helping you leap ahead in learning week-by-week.

"It’s one thing to write all of your memories down in the solitude of your own little space, but to have someone read, and appreciate the words takes it to a whole other level." Amy Ramaker

"To Lisa and Windy, you two are Awesome! Our journeys have not ended, there is a future out there......You two have given me encouragement to try and continue honing my voice. Thank you just isn't enough!"  -Susan Watts

The Storytelling Boot Camp Facebook Page: 

The private Storytelling Boot Camp Facebook page is a safe zone for practicing skills, asking questions, and getting to know the other writers in your group. You are encouraged to participate in the fun, but it isn’t required as part of your experience. The meat of this course is delivered in the weekly emails and the extensive feedback from two industry professionals. 

"What a special class with wonderful instructors and class participants. A productive learning experience for me. I so appreciated learning from the other students as I read how they attacked the lesson of the day. Windy and Lisa are awesome, and I can't wait to take another class from them. Thank you so much for the time you took to be available to us." -Phyllis Schwartz

Next 6-week session: February 20th to March 31st

Price: $375

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This course is open to all creative writers —fiction and creative nonfiction writers alike— who want to improve their writing skills through practice, study, and professional feedback.

"Thank you, Lisa and Windy for yet another inspirational step along my writing journey. You have both helped build my confidence and opened up imaginative pathways!"  Sheelagh McGrath

About the instructors:

Lisa Fugard is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Skinner’s Drift and 21 Days to Awaken the Writer Within. Her creative work has been published in Story, Outside and other literary magazines. Her many travel articles, essays and book reviews have been published in the New York Times. As a freelance editor she has worked on a variety of books including Burning Desire, Dharma God and Path to Recovery by Kevin Griffin,  A Cure For Emma by Julie Colvin, and the cyberpunk romance Wired by Liz Maverick. She co-leads exclusive writing retreats through Wellness and Writing Retreats and teaches the craft of writing in the San Diego area.  For the past three years she has spent the month of November in Bali, mentoring a group of writers in Mastin Kipp’s Writers Mastermind.

Windy Lynn Harris is the founder of Market Coaching for Creative Writers, a mentorship program that teaches writers how to get their essay, short stories, and poems published in magazines. She’s had over 70 bylines in literary, women’s, and trade magazines across the US and Canada, including The Literary Review, 34th Parallel, and Crack the Spine Magazine. Windy teaches writers how to get published through group presentations, individual mentoring, and online classes. She is a regular speaker at literary events and is the author of the upcoming book, Write it Short: How to Craft and Sell Short Stories and Personal Essays (Writers Digest Books).